Where did the term white paper come from

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The reviewer deals primarily with novelties, about which practically no one has written, about which a certain opinion has not yet taken shape.

In the classics, the reviewer discovers, first of all, the possibility of its actual, cutting-edge reading. Any work should be considered in the context of essay modern life and the modern literary process: to evaluate it precisely as a new phenomenon. This topicality is an indispensable sign of the review.

Under essays-reviews we understand such creative works: where did the term white paper come from

How to write a essay? Review (from the Latin recensio “consideration”) – recall, analysis and evaluation of a new artistic, scientific or popular scientific work; genre of criticism, literary, newspaper. The review is characterized by a small volume and brevity.

-Essay that is largely a lyrical reflection of the author of the review, inspired by the reading of the work, rather than its interpretation where did the term white paper come from

-Critical analysis or complex analysis of the text: the meaning of the title, analysis of its form and content, features of the composition, the skill of the author in depicting heroes, the individual style of the writer

Evaluation and personal reflections of the author of the review:

– the main idea of ​​the review

– the relevance of the subject matter of the work

In the review isn’t necessarily the presence of all of the above components, most importantly, that the review was interesting and competent. How to write a essay.

The impetus to creating a review is always the need to express one’s attitude to what has been read, an attempt to understand your impressions caused by the work.

The reader can say about the book read or the viewed movie “like – do not like” without proof.

Good books require good reviews. Bad books require an objective assessment. And this is just a couple of ideas for earning. If you decide to specialize in writing reviews, then study the possibilities of special resources that pay for such work. In addition, you will need the ability to highlight the main thing, analyze what you read and lucidly state your arguments. In order to earn feedback, you need to find customers for such texts.

A small literary-critical or journalistic article (often polemical in nature) in which the work in question is an occasion to discuss topical public or literary problems;