• “Project” refers to the Orange Lining project, including both the Art Starts Now and Impressed Concrete public art installations for the PMLR Transit Project.
  • “Artist” refers to Buster Simpson.
  • “Artwork” refers to the installed elements of the Project
  • “Author(s)” refers to those who write and submit texts to be considered for use during the   Project.

Terms and Conditions for Use and Acknowledgment of Text

  1. Authors retain copyright for submitted writings; copyright is not transferred to any other party unless otherwise stated in writing by the Author.
  2. Artwork created with supplied texts is the sole property of TriMet. Authors shall retain copyright of texts, and the Artist shall retain copyright of the Artwork.
  3. Texts in situ will appear without attribution.
  4. Text authorship will be acknowledged where feasible and appropriate, including but not limited to the Project website and other Project publicity and publications.
  5. Authors grant the Project the right to use their texts for use in the Project — including but not limited to the Art Starts Now and Impressed Concrete phases of the Artwork, Project publications and publicity, the Project website, and so forth.
  6. Authors whose work has been selected will be contacted and informed that their work has been chosen for the Project.
  7. Authors accept the fact that not all texts received will be used, and not all texts used in the Art Starts Now phase will be carried over into the Impressed Concrete phase.
  8. Authors whose work has been selected acknowledge the temporary nature of the Project Art Starts Now is a temporary phase of the Project during construction and the permanency of the Impressed Concrete phase is dependent upon the life-cycle of the concrete.
  9. Authors whose work has not been selected for use will not be contacted.  Please accept our enthusiastic thank you for submitting your work. We have a limited number of locations for installations and will not be able to use all submissions.